Enhance your Baking with Eurogerm Webinar on Bread Sensory Ingredients


Please Join Eurogerm USA for a Eurogerm Webinar on Bread Sensory Ingredients – Toasted Cereal Flours & Deactivated Sours on Wed Sep 16. Learn more about our Toasted Cereal Flours & Deactivated Sours.

First 50 Eurogerm Webinar registrants will receive a Ingredients sample box

When: Wednesday, September 16th, 2020 at 11:30 AM EST | Duration: 1 hour

Webinar will focus on applications of toasted corn, rye, barley, wheat, buckwheat etc. and deactivated sours of rye, wheat, barley, wheat germ, durum wheat, buckwheat in various types of artisan breads, soft breads, cookies etc. 

Great webinar for anyone seeking develop new signature flavor profiles Eurogerm is a manufacturer of wide range of conventional, clean label, non-GMO and organic ingredients and solutions for all types of baked products. 

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Enhance your Baking with our Webinar on Bread Sensory Ingredients

Eurogerm Bread Sensory Ingredients

LEFAP® is a range of Deactivated Sours (or Devitalized Sours or sourdough) and other cereal Bread Sensory Ingredients. You can buy Eurogerm Ingredients on this Shop. Check the LEFAP Taste Profile Matrix to help you pick the right product.

Eurogerm LEFAP Devitalised Sours

  • The LEFAP® range of devitalized sours are made from natural fermentation of various cereal flours such as wheat, rye, barley, wheat germ, buckwheat etc.
  • Some LEFAP® products are made by blending several pure devitalised sours
  • LEFAP® combines typical sourdough flavor and aroma
  • Colors can vary from cream to brown
  • LEFAP® can be added to any breads, rolls or pizza to enhance the flavor and aroma.

About Eurogerm Webinar

Eurogerm USA is a subsidiary of international bakery and milling ingredient company Eurogerm S.A. based in Dijon, France. Eurogerm S.A. began its journey in 1989 formulating and producing cereal and enzyme based milling ingredients in France.

The knowledge of wheat and flour analysis combined with excellent know-how of the all the functional ingredients allowed Eurogerm to establish itself in the French milling industry very quickly.

Eurogerm later applied the ingredient technology in bakery applications producing and selling functional ingredients such as dough conditioners, shelf-life extenders, and ingredients to enhance application specific attributes such as crustiness, softness, flavor and texture.

Enhance your Baking with Eurogerm Webinar on Bread Sensory Ingredients

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