Eurogerm’s Legacy Apple Cider Cake Donut Mix is our best seller in September 2020. Our friends Artisan Bakers have heavily ordered it to get ready for the Winter season.

Our September Best Seller: Legacy Apple Cider Cake Donut Mix Image

Real farm style Apple Cider Donut Mix

Back in the days, the best reward from a week picking apples was actually the fresh, hot apple cider doughnut. You can recreate that nostalgic moment with our own Apple Cider Doughnuts. Our mixes deliver consistent quality time after time, providing great volume, with a perfect star center, soft crumb and a thin golden brown crust. Baked, not fried, with an authentic moist cake interior surrounded by the sweet embrace of cinnamon and sugar, it’s a special treat from the oven any time of the year.

Available on our Kashrut Baking website, the Eurogerm Product Legacy Apple Cider Cake Donut Mix (Item#8019 Eurogerm) is formulated to produce great tasting apple cider cake donut with excellent volume, symmetry, crust color, and overall eating characteristics. Requires the addition of water only..

Eurogerm Mixes and Bases

Our mixes and bases are designed to yield consistent high quality baked goods while at the same time helping bakeries increase efficiency and productivity. Mixes and bases come with simple easy to use instructions.

About Eurogerm

Eurogerm USA is a manufacturer of bakery ingredients based in Chicago area. Eurogerm USA is a subsidiary of international bakery and milling ingredient company Eurogerm S.A. based in Dijon, France. Eurogerm S.A. began its journey in 1989 formulating and producing cereal and enzyme based milling ingredients in France.

The knowledge of wheat and flour analysis combined with excellent know-how of the all the functional ingredients allowed Eurogerm to establish itself in the French milling industry very quickly. Eurogerm later applied the ingredient technology in bakery applications producing and selling functional ingredients such as dough conditioners, shelf-life extenders, and ingredients to enhance application specific attributes such as crustiness, softness, flavor and texture. Eurogerm offers a large selection of baking ingredients such as dough conditioners, shelf life extenders, sensory ingredients, mixes/bases for breads and sweet goods.

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