Parve Chocolate Chip Cookie Batter by Bear Stewart

Use the best Cookie Batter for all of your fresh-baked faves. This Parve Chocolate Chip Cookie Batter has been made in just six simple traditional steps, and applies when making any of our go-to cookie batter recipes.

Parve Chocolate Chip Cookie Batter by Bear Stewart

Use those expert healthy Batters for perfect homemade cookie every time. Since 1899, Bear Stewart been thriving to perfect our edible recipe!

Everyone has a special memory tied to freshly baked chocolate chip cookies–whether it’s a secret family recipe or an ‘oops’ baking mishap.

Our Parve Chocolate Chip Cookie Batter

Although every cookie has similar basic ingredients, including butter (or another fat), sugar, eggs, and flour, our method for making cookie batter varies per recipe. Use these tips, and your cookie dough recipe will turn out every time!

We constantly look at the Cookie Batter ingredients list to see if it will result in a cookie type that you love. If thin and crispy cookies are your favorite, chances are the recipe is made with all or mostly butter for the fat. If soft and cake-like is what you’re looking for, the recipe probably uses all or mostly shortening.

About Bear Stewart

Bear Stewart is a manufacturer of great bakery ingredients since 1899. We are a family owned and operated company that always puts the customer first. We still do business the old fashioned way. Everyone from the President and all the partners are always available to help our customers. We make innovative products that many companies would not produce because smaller usage. We have a full time technical staff to serve all of our customers needs. We are continually working on new products. We ship all over the USA and abroad.

We manufacture a broad line of products that include Jams Jellies, Whole Fruit Pie fillings, Specialty Items (Glazes, Stabilizers, Specialty Mixes, Icing Fruits, Etc.) Frozen Muffin and Cookie Batters and Pucks (Natural and many Fat Free), Mixes and Icings.

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